Saturday, December 5, 2009

Venice at Night

Wanting to do a little Christmas shopping and hoping to see Venice decked out in its Christmas best, we took the train in mid-afternoon. The sun begins to set around 3:30pm now, so we had just enough time to pick up some pashminas, blown glass jewelry, and to purchase a candle for ourselves. The candle maker was dipping the candles as we shopped and we got a great keepsake!

The sun was shining and the sky was so clear. It was a beautiful sunset illuminating St. Mark's Square with the sun's golden rays. There wasn't a tree as we expected, but the walkways surrounding the square were trimmed with Christmas lights. I even found 30€ just lying on the ground!

We topped off the trip into Venice with dinner outside at Caffe Centrale along the Grand Canal. We did a tourist special and each got a glass of wine, an appetizer, salad, and entree for only 15€ each. It was delicious!