Monday, July 13, 2009

The Hot Water Chronicles

June 18th: Tim went to Home Fuels to request the gas service be turned on to the house. (Home Fuels is the Base liaison between the customer and the gas company.) Home Fuels will contact us to set up the appointment.

June 30th: Still have not heard from Home Fuels to set up the appointment. Tomorrow is move-in day. We go to Home Fuels to find out what's up. The first lady says "Oh, you know the Italians. Everything is domani, domani (tomorrow, tomorrow)!" Then another lady recognizes our name and actually goes to check on the status. Whoops. Gas has been on since June 23rd and no one from Home Fuels bothered to let us know.

Tim meets the plumber at the house and we have hot water. No cold showers for me!

July 1st: Ah, nice hot water!

July 2nd: Enjoyed a nice hot shower after organizing what we do have in the house.

July 3rd: WTF?! Why did I only have hot water to barely get my hair shampooed? Quickly finish shower while shivering.

July 4th: Nice hot shower! Yesterday must have been a fluke.

July 5th: What the hell? I only get a hot shower every other day?

July 6th: Nope, hot water is not every other day otherwise my shower would be hot today. And my landlords are on holiday in Spain.

July 7th: Hot water is remains elusive. Take cold shower and then tinker with hot water heater. Crossing my fingers for hot water tomorrow!

July 8th: Tim claims to have had hot shower. I did not have a hot shower. Very annoyed and also mastering the art of quickly showering while avoiding cold water streaming down me unless absolutely necessary.

July 10th: I have now had cold showers for a week. This is crap.

July 12th: See neighbor Chris and ask about hot water. He comes over and tries to help but after an hour of trying to release the pressure, ect. he says we are going to have to talk to the landlords. Spot landlords returning from trip to Spain! Quickly run outside and complain about broken hot water heater.

July 13th: Plumber comes. Doesn't speak any English. Use translator to tell him it is broken. He spends 4 hours replacing something or other then tells me ciao! Ah, enjoy nice hot shower.